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this (past) weekend

Yeah, it’s already Friday, but I’m gonna do a weekend post anyway.

This past weekend was awesome. Way better than this week. In fact, I’m going to just zone out for the rest of the day, thinking of last weekend and this one to come.

We went to a dahlia garden. Clearly.

I am in love with dahlias (also, clearly). I could just gaze at them all day, with all their funky shapes and absurd sizes and Dr. Seussian colors. There’s a dahlia in BFD’s back yard that is over 6 inches across, I kid you not. And it’s bright purple.

This isn’t it, but this one is also lovely. As soon as I get settled in my new home, I’m going to plant a dahlia garden like you wouldn’t believe.  And I’m gonna start with these wavey, crinkley ones. They might be my favorite.

We also saw this macaw:

Of which I will see plenty of in the jungle*.

And some gross creepy crawlies I am told we will see plenty of as well:

About which I’m far less excited.

*Which will be in just 50 short days! Ooowee!

photos by me, via iPhone4. I haven’t yet figured out all the gizmos of my new camera — in fact, she’s still a little bit intimidating — but I’m working on it!


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