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BFD and I have a running dialogue* about what counts as art, specifically art we can buy for our apt. We have committed ourselves to buying art from local artists rather than cheesy wall art from target, apparently**.

Typically our conversations go:
me – Does this count as art? Because I love it! Look, there’s a fancy lady with a jaguar and a martini glass (or something) and it’s all vintagey!
BFD – Umm… no.

BUT these have got to count! I mean, they’re locally done***, prints from handmade letterpress. And the colors are amazing, and they’re of food, my favorite subject! I love them!

I think, the tomato’s my favorite.

Letterpress prints by Yeehaw.

*except that to him it problem seems like a one-way stream of annoyance, rather than dialogue.
**This does not extend to cheesy wall art from target that has already been purchased and hung and loved well before moving in together — or I’m not coming.
*** If you happen to live in Knoxville.


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i want


They look comfy and awesome, and all the cool kids got’em. And they help little childrens without shoes.

I kind of wanted them when I saw cool looking ppl with them, but when I learned that they’re Tom’s shoes, which I had heard about via a mobile phone commercial, I wanted them even more. Comfyness for everybody!

image and shoes here

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Is Polaroid 600 film coming back? Lady Gaga wouldn’t just tease us, would she?

No news here: polaroid.com. I continue to be seriously bummed.

image via here

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Lots of folks talk about them; few have any idea how to make one.

They do not contain grenadine of any sort. That’s just insulting.

They do not get served in a martini glass; martinis do.

Classicly, they are not made with bourbon; but this is something that is easy to ignore.

I was once ribbed so badly for requesting a dry mahattan; I have since been schooled.

They are the perfect drink before dinner.

They are wonderful in late fall, as they are in warmer and colder times.

They can be found at real bars; if the bar you’re in cannot make one, you’re not at a real bar.

Bitters are your friend; know them well.

The quality of the cocktail is not determined by the costliness of the bourbon. Remember that.

One manhattan is a party starter; two manhattans are a daring feat; three and you’re just tempting fate.

They are the perfect drink after dinner.

Maraschino cherries are for lame-os — or when you do not have drunken cherries handy.

BFD and I fell in love over a couple manhattans; indeed, consuming hundreds during the course of courtship. Maybe that explains a things or two about me as well.

photo by me

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