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Dear J Crew,

Ummm…. J Crew, I already have a J Crew card; don’t you remember? You should know this about me as I pay you many $$$ through it.

J Crew dear, this is the second email in as many days that has been both lame and dumb. Clogging up my inbox with “deals” that are not available to me is a bad user experience. But maybe this is just my quirky preference. Maybe most other J Crew shoppers enjoy reading about deals future card holders can reap. maybe they think it one of your lovable indiosyncracies (like your chicly disheveled frills or the way you put sequins on everything last year) that you email them an exclusive offer that is simultaneously available to everyone*.

As someone who works in email marketing, I’m calling you out. Step it up, J Crew, or we might get on bad terms.

Many thanks,

*Saracasm leads me to excessive italics usage. Apologies.


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