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BFD and I have a running dialogue* about what counts as art, specifically art we can buy for our apt. We have committed ourselves to buying art from local artists rather than cheesy wall art from target, apparently**.

Typically our conversations go:
me – Does this count as art? Because I love it! Look, there’s a fancy lady with a jaguar and a martini glass (or something) and it’s all vintagey!
BFD – Umm… no.

BUT these have got to count! I mean, they’re locally done***, prints from handmade letterpress. And the colors are amazing, and they’re of food, my favorite subject! I love them!

I think, the tomato’s my favorite.

Letterpress prints by Yeehaw.

*except that to him it problem seems like a one-way stream of annoyance, rather than dialogue.
**This does not extend to cheesy wall art from target that has already been purchased and hung and loved well before moving in together — or I’m not coming.
*** If you happen to live in Knoxville.


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